Monday, October 31, 2005

i am a girl who likes to make a fabulous meal.

i don't think that good food and great presentation needs to be reserved for when you have company. nor do i believe that you need to be in a kitchen for 2 hours to end up with a fantastic dinner.

i also don't have patience for low-carb or low-cal. one can be healthy, without spending too much time at Whole Foods, trust me.

i am a girl on a budget with a yen for fondue and steak.

this is partly why i started this blog. to show it is possible to have great, quick meals and to throw fabulous dinner parties without spending a whole lot of money or time.

i am no sandra lee or rachel ray, and most of the recipes i have on here i find in other places and tweak a bit just t o make it a little easier on the wallet and on the timeframe.

we'll have recipes, cocktails, dinner party ideas and all kinds of fun things.

let's put it this way: I Cook Good, I Eat What I Want.

that's the philosophy

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