Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blog friend Lori asked the greater blog community today for advice on Holiday Themed Cocktails for a soiree she is throwing. Always ready to rise to a challenge (especailly if it involves alcohol), I gave her some recipes from a list I put together last year of Festive Martinis. Here are my three favorite:

Jack Frost Martini: 1 part godiva white chocolate liquer, 2 parts peppermint schnaps. Shake and serve in martini glass with mini candycane.

Eggnog Martini: 1 part egg nog, 1 part amaretto, 1 part vodka. Shake and dust with cinnamon.

Mistletoe Martini: 4 parts vodka, 1 part midori, splash of grenadine. Shake and pour into glass, the midori and grenadine will seperate in the glass and look super festive!

I am having a holiday party myself in a few weeks and at least one of these will be on the drink menu!

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cybercasey said...

These sound very interesting....now i've got to try them out in the holidays...and it'll be fun to share them with friends...and hey for some more interesting resources on the holidays do visit my Holiday Blog sometime and enjoy all that's there...have a great time during the holidays!!!!