Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ginger Jonesin'

The other day I bought a jar of crystallized ginger to keep on hand for chopping up and adding into stir-fries and baking and whatnot.

However, I can't seem to stop eating them plain. They are SO GOOD!

I have also read that they are To Die when served alongside aged Gouda. And we are a Gouda-loving house believe you me. So I will be trying that flavor combo out next time I stop by the cheese shop.

And at the rate I am going probably picking up some more ginger. Seriously? Can't stop eating them.


Amy said...

My husband always has some on hand - he uses it to settle a stomach, where as it turns my stomach. I have weird food issues!

Sarah said...

It's definitely not for everyone - Adam doesn't care for it either!

That Blue Girl said...

Is it expensive? I always wanted to try it.

Sarah said...

I actually got mine at TJ Maxx in the "gourmet foods" section for $3.99 - and it is a good sized jar!

Pam said...

I love ginger. Trader Joes sells my favorite, without the sugar coating, in the dried fruits and nuts aisle.