Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rub Me The Right Way

Do we all agree that a good rub can make or break a meal?


Plain grilled chicken with nothing on it is pretty bland but with a few teaspoons of a good spicy rub it’s a whole new meal!

Making your own rub is of course all well and good and I have been known to lay into a London broil with some garlic, olive oil and black pepper….but it’s nice to have a cache of ready made rubs ready in your cabinet so dinner is as easy as rub the meat, throw it on the grill/in the oven and voila.

My favorite store-bought rub comes to us from a company called Nantucket Offshore . They offer an array of rub from their Garden Rub for veggies, Dragon Rub for Asian grilling and cooking to their perfect for pork Rasta Rub (and scads more!) . All of their rubs are salt and sugar free so it’s a great way to add flavor to a dish without messing with the healthiness of it.

I knew I loved these rubs before, but the deal was sealed for me last night. I had bought some swordfish steaks and couldn’t figure out quite how to serve them, especially since Adam is not really into fish (but since it is good for you I am trying to work it into our eating repetoire more) – I wanted to give it flavor without masking the taste too much so Adam could see that swordfish is not a terribly fishy fish. The answer came to me with Nantucket Offshore’s Nantucket Rub which was DELICIOUS! A sprinkle of olive oil, a generous rubbing of this dill, tarragon, garlic and pink peppercorn-y rub and we ended up with a fantastic meal that even Adam exclaimed “This is so good…Can we have it again?”.

So there you have it. At under $1.50 for a single serve packet you can afford to stock up on all the varieties they have and trust me, you will not be disappointed. Find it in the sauce/salad dressing aisle of your supermarket, or order them online here!

Oh did I mention the packaging is adorable?


MarisaJosephine said...

those rubs are sooo goood
i buy them at the stopper!

Lys said...

hmmmm.. I'm gonna have to check it out. Good rub is the WS Coffee & Spice rub. So perfect on a steak!

BTW - Love the new header!

Amy said...

Great new header!! I love it!

Rebecca said...

Yum...I love Nantucket Rubs.