Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gadget of the Week - Cuisiart Mini Prep

In my quest to make my time in the kitchen more efficient (and thus more enjoyable altlthough eating at 9PM is very chic I am sure), I have been keeping an eye out for gadgets that make food prep easier. Every week, I will spotlight one of these gadgets though if we are being honest they probably won't always be the most practical of gadgets since sometimes I prefer something pretty over something functional. I'm working on it though!


Let's kick off Gadget of the Week with the newest addition to the appliance family of my kitchen. A gift from my mom.

The Cuisinart Mini Prep!

Now, I already have her 7-cup big sister and she is amazing for larger chopping jobs and is a whiz at pureeing. If I want to make pesto - I pull out the big one. But for small every day jobs like mincing garlic or chopping 1 or 2 small onions, this 21-oz capacity baby is all I need AND easier to clean.

To those who complain that it purrees their onions instead of chopping them, I say that you are probably not chopping them up roughly first. Chopping an onion before putting in the food processor is neccessary prep work and ensures geting evenly and perfectly chopped pieces and not onion mush.

Since my eyes turn red and start crying even at the mention of the word onion, I can never make it to the mincing/finely chopping stage without stopping a few times and running to the sink to rinse off my face. So this little chopping machine is a blessing.

It's also ideal for people with smaller kitchens who dont have enough space for the larger version, or who don't cook enough to neccesitate the expense. At around $40 the Mini Prep is great to have handy for every day smaller chopping jobs and with minimal prep work you will have perfectly chopped veggies each time. I use mine almost every day!

Find it at Macy's.


Lys said...

May I offer some insight (or a tip)?? With onions, I caught onto something about a year ago and have YET to tear up in the kitchen. As I peel the onion, I rinse it quickly under warm water - no more tears and I'm a chopping fool.

As for the mini-prep - LOVE it and, because I'm totally on the Cash Back wagon - you can get this at Linens 'N Things, have it at your store, use a coupon AND get cash back :)

I'm liking this Gadget of the Week Spotlight...

Sarah said...

I have tried the water thing..i think with cold water though, not warm...to no avail. Maybe the temp makes a difference though. In any case with my trusty mini prep by my side, I no longer have to worry about it.

I'm so glad you like this feature. I think it will be fun!

Kimba Rimba said...

I would love to hear more about what you use in the kitchen that we (more me) wouldn't think of!

I get so giddy when I see my I cook good blogline light up!