Friday, January 25, 2008

Gadget of the Week - Kuhn Rikon Ergo Safety Lid Lifter

For this week’s installment of Gadget of the Week we turn to a gadget I am sure some version of which everyone has: my can opener.

But this is not just any can opener.

This is the Kuhn Rikon Ergo Safety Lid Lifter!

Yes, tired of sharp edges left by other can openers, and sick of the tops of cans inevitably falling into their contents once opened, I picked up this baby at TJ Maxx last year and my can opening life has not been the same since.

For one thing,

The rounded black handle makes it really easy to hold and use.

See how it fits nice in my hand?

It takes the tops of cans off effortlessly and with NO SHARP EDGES

And run your finger along the edge of the's smooth too.


Best of all it has little stainless steel lid lifters on the side.

So you can open the can and throw it away without touching it. Unless of course you are taking a lot of photos of yourself holding the can.

So the Kuhn Rikon Ergo Safety Lid Lifter makes my life easier, and has taken away the necessity to try and fish the top of a can off with a butter knife. They are around $16 online but you can find more inexpensive versions at your local TJ MAxx of Marshalls.


Amy said...

Try the pineapple corer! It looks like it won't work, but my husband bought me a set that has 3 sizes (largest if for a 5lb pineapple - have you ever seen one that big? If so, let me know because it would last a little longer in this house)

but its fantastic! I highly recommend one to anyone who enjoys fresh pineapple but hates to prepare one for enjoyment!

Sarah said...

I will definitely look for that - I LOVE fresh pineapple...and I have an awesome recipe for grilled pineapple salsa I have been dying to try. Thanks for the tip.