Friday, February 08, 2008


I found this story on pretty inspirational (about a writer who joined Weight Watchers, worked out and lost 168 pounds/ 13 dress sizes!). I especially love this frame of mind;

"I still write down everything I eat. I still ask myself, "How will I feel five minutes after I eat this?" If the answer is anything other than, "I will feel good having made this food choice," then I don't eat it. Or at least most of the time I don't. Sometimes that whiney voice wins. But the point is, I think about it. Am I eating because I want to or because I need to?"

For me the past month has been a lot about distinguishing between "being bored" and "being hungry". You would be amazed how interchangeable the two can be. I have tried to keep myself really busy so I won't be tempted to snack which, while it has resulted me completing a lot of "projects" around the apartment that I have been meaning to get to, is not really a long term solution. I can't outrun my bad habits. So this month is all about the thinking before eating. Am I really hungry? Do I need to eat this?

And I have noticed that while the feeling of digging into something decadent might feel good, it doesn't beat the good feeling of making a healthy food decision. So here's to keeping on track!

13 lbs off and counting!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your success! Really, keep up the amazing work! I just rejoined WW after quite a few years, and your words sum it all up perfectly. Healthy decisions feel much better than bad ones.

kim said...

13 lbs! awesome! rock on there! :)

PS: i'm finally dragging my butt back to the gym today. that's my way of "making up" for "not so great but fun" food or drink choices ;)

Jenny said...

13 pounds?! That's awesome. Congrats!! I'm doing WW now too, but haven't had that much success.

Lys said...

CONGRATS! I need to get back on track - I've been working so many hours that takeout has been the only option.


RED said...

You are the woman Sarah! Way to go, 13 is quite an accomplishment! Proud of you, keep up the awesome work!

heather lauren said...

I find at work, I eat because I am bored. I started weight watchers a few months ago and I find that when I plan the food I am going to eat for the day ahead of time, I stick with it. I bring to work, yogurt for breakfast, apple for a mid morning snack, soup for lunch, and carrots for a mid afternoon snack. For dinner I have a Weight Watchers meal or I make something healthy. By planning what I am going to eat everyday, I am always eating but it's healthy.

love, alanna said...

ughh i wish that i had reread this post before i ate my evening mini-cupcake! i'm still feeling a little guilty after trying your shrimp quesadillas recipe...oh well, at least the cupcakes aren't full sized ;)