Tuesday, February 05, 2008

WW Tip #1

My good friend Jenn, who is also doing Weight Watchers, gave me a great tip this weekend.

Portion control is easy when you portion our your snacks ahead of time. Put serving size portions of chips, crackers, cookies, what have you in baggies and then when you want a snack you don't have to think about measuring it out - just grab a bag and go!


Anonymous said...

that's a great tip. i realized early into the ww thing that for me the key is planning anyways. if i have healthy food (esp snacks) at hand i'm a lot less tempted to grab one of the (not exactly healthy) snacks that lay around all over the office. so the little-baggy idea is a great one. good thing i stocked up on target zip-lock bags when i was in cali ;)

Sarah said...

yes planning is key! i was talking about this with a friend yesterday - if you already know what you are going to eat for the day it makes point counting so much easier. that's why I usually plan me and Adam's dinner menu out at the beginning of the week so i can see "oh yeah i am going out to eat on Thursday so if we have low point meals on Wednesday and Friday I can order what I want when I go out". :-)

Amy said...

I figured out points for items when grocery shopping last week. While putting it away I took a Sharpie and put the points on the outside! I even did it with my daughter's Little Debbie treats - seeing the 7 points written on it has me staying away!