Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day Twenty (!!!)

Breakfast: Tofu, Blueberry and Soy Milk Smoothie
Snack: Almonds
Lunch: Leftover Barbecued Tofu
Dinner: "Everything" Salad (Spinach leaves, chick peas, quinoa, carrots, dried cranberries, crumbled veggie burger, balsamic vinegar)
Dessert: Cherries

I am posting this a day later (as I have all the cleanse posts) so TODAY SATURDAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE CLEANSE. Adam and I are celebrating tonight at midnight with champagne and I am really excited we have made it. I have a lot of thoughts on the past 3 weeks to post so stay tuned tomorrow for a Post Cleanse Wrap Up

Lessons Learned:
1)Cranberry-Lime Club Soda with fresh squeezed lime juice in it is really refreshing.

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