Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink Shoe Loves: The Salt Pig

In the Pink Shoe kitchen we are big fans of sea salt. I use it almost exclusively in place of regular table salt. It just has this mineral quality that I love and that I think adds a better taste to meals than regular salt, however I know that is debatable depending on your palate. For us though, it works.

I always kept our sea salt in a little glass bowl next to the oven that had a metal spring-release top. It was cute, but my salt always clumped and the top eventually rusted because of steam from whatever was cooking on the stovetop. Bogus.

I then saw my boyfriend Jamie Oliver using something called a "salt pig" on his show. It was not only aesthetically pleasing, but it's non glazed interior keeps the salt from clumping, while the domed top keeps things out of your salt. Not to mention the wide mouth makes it easy to reach in and grab some salt.

There are definitely pricier salt pigs out there
(such as Emile Henry's line) but I got a perfectly cute one that came with an equally cute wooden spoon, from Crate and Barrel for around $13. And it looks right at home on my counter next to the olive oil!

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