Friday, August 13, 2010

African Coconut Curry Soup with Chickpeas

I have been thinking about fall a lot lately.

The break in humidity around here has ushered in a cooler, brisker summer and has me thinking about caramel apples and orangey-red leaves and pumpkins and endless good hair days.

Sigh. I love me some fall.

Which is partially why I found myself yesterday trolling for soup recipes. A still summery soup that had a hint of fall in it. Something spicy and smooth that takes full advantage of fresh vegetables.

Enter one African Coconut Curry Soup with Chickpeas

For one thing, I love me some curry. For another, I had everything at home except the coconut milk and jalapeno which I popped out on my lunch break to purchase. The prep work is easy enough, just cook the rice, chop the veg and get psyched.

In my case there was some mental prep involved as I faced my nemesis, the mighty jalapeno. Let us not forget the incident of 2008 in which I basically suffered third degree burns and temporary blindness from this innocent looking little pepper. So maybe I had a bit if PPTSD (pepper post traumatic stress disorder). But I decided 2 years was enough time to gain some perspective and give it another try.

But not without the proper armor, of course.

In any case, the soup was a success of epic proportions. I did up the curry to about 2 tbsp because I love curry but other than that I thought the proportions of everything were perfection.

And so easy to go from this

to this

which I let simmer until Adam came home from class and we enjoyed it with some fresh pita bread.

Doesn't it look festive?

It was spicy and smooth. It was bright and bold. It was delicious!!

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