Thursday, September 14, 2006

One of the things I love most about working in the Newton/Waltham/Watertown area is that I am so close to so much fabulous shopping. Newtonville has the cutest little square of shoe stores and cafes, Marty's is right nearby to address all my wine and cheese and gourmet sundries needs, fabulous flower shops like Ken's Flower Cafe and Gleason's...and as of late I have discovered my new FAVORITE place: Russo's Market .

Located on Pleasant Street in Watertown, this market addresses every culinary impulse I have ever had. On your way into the stoor you pass what is essentially an outdoor market with gorgeous fall plants and flowers and several bins of potatos, apples, pears, even coolers filled with fresh apple cider! Then you step into the stoor and immediately (if you are like me) are rendered completely silenced in awe of the beautiful produce surround you. Gorgeous, perfect fruit stacked high

(picture from website)

Vibrant green leaves from Arugula to Basil and beyond.

(picture from the website)

Every kind of fresh fruit and vegetable you can imagine and some you can't. Fresh pasta, cheeses from around the world,

(picture from the website)

a huge refrigerated case along an entire wall filled with free-range chicken, pork, and veal cutlets, a salad bar, the best collection of fresh breads I have ever seen and do NOT get me started on the pastry counter. Mein Gott.

I left there with a random assortment of items: A tub of Labne (Middle Eastern cheese spread), fresh basil (99cents for a HUGE bunch! how can you beat that?), fresh green beans, huge wheels of pita bread, manchego and some gnocchi.

I am telling you, the quality is BETTER than Whole Foods (gasp! I know) and the prices are super reasonable.

It has definitely become a once a week habit for me.

Russo's Market
560 Pleasant Street
Watertown, MA 02072


Kristine said...

I love Russo's. Their cheese and produce are to die for. Good biscotti too. I can't even buy produce elsewhere knowing that I can get it at a much better price and quality at my beloved Russo's.

Sarah said...

sigh.i know. i went today and, among other things, bought an enourmous amount of fresh basil for around $2. it's like a year round farm stand in there!!

clipper829 said...

I feel like I now have to check out Russo's!