Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day Thirteen

Breakfast: Soy Yogurt and Granola
Lunch: Spinach Salad and leftover Red Bean Cake
Dinner: Tofu Bowl with Rice, Steamed Vegetables and Peanut Sauce.

We found a local Thai place that makes delicious dishes that we can eat so we indulged in that yesterday for dinner since seriously? The green gluten-free noodle dish I was going to make was just too much effort for a 98 degree apartment. And it was DELICIOUS. And there was enough of it that we can just heat up the leftovers for dinner tonight before going out with some friends for a hot night in the city.

Lessons Learned: I was talking with my friend Danielle yesterday about how I will probably not go back to caffeine when this is over. I feel freaking great without it. I clearly don't need it. And I have been sleeping a lot better to, waking up and feeling alert and ready to go since I don't depend on coffee to wake me up anymore. It's a fantastic feeling.

1 comment:

RED said...

not going back to caffeine? God Bless you - I have tried so many times and FAIL FAIL FAIL.
Great job with the cleanse, I'm loving following your progress - I think it's so awesome you're doing this!