Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pink Shoe Loves: Perrier Pampelmousse Rose

I love sparkling water.

It's refreshing. It's invigorating. And these days there are so many flavors to choose from - there is a sparkling water for every mood! I am partial to Perrier (especially the mandarin orange). I not only love the bottles (so easy to re purpose when you remove the label - as vases, a cute way to serve water at parties, or fill with your favorite mixed cocktail to bring over someone's house)

I like to have a few bottles on hand whenever I have guests over - either to mix in drinks or to serve over ice in glasses. A few weeks ago I was preparing for to have Andy and his roommate Jen over for dinner. While picking up some last minute items on the way home from work I noticed a flavor of Perrier I had never noticed before "Pampelmousse Rose" which is French for Pink Grapefruit.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 008

I picked up a bottle of that as well as the lemon and served both that night. The Pamplemousse Rose was incredible! The perfect hint of grapefruit - a tiny bit on the sweeter rather than tart side. With a spritz of lime it is an ideal alcohol free summer drink!!

It's also great with a glug of Grey Goose and a slice of lime over ice.

Look for it the next time you are in the market for some sparkling water - you will be pleasantly surprised!

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