Monday, July 14, 2008

Day Eight

Breakfast: Tofu Burritos (tofu scrambled with peppers and onions, topped with salsa and rolled up in a corn tortilla)
Lunch: Whole Grain Supper in a Bowl
Snack: Corn chips and organic salsa
Dinner: Vegan Mac & Cheese
Dessert: Fruit Salad

Those of you hoping for a post about an awesome veg mac & cheese recipe...will have to keep hoping because this ain't eat. I found a few different recipes and each one had at least a few negative reviews so I tried to kind of combine the recipes and omit all the ingredients that garnered such bad reviews ("too salty", "to oily" etc). didn't come out that good. I mean it was edible and putting GF breadcrumbs and baby tomatoes on top and then baking it helped. But the fact is we had to mix a bunch of mustard into it (a tip recommended on yet another website) to make it an enjoyable eating experience. That just gives you an idea of what it tasted like - it was supposed to taste like cheese but we had to mix in yellow mustard to make it taste kind of like cheese. I will say that what it lacked in taste it made up for in appearance - it was a pretty looking mac & cheese!

The Whole Grain Supper in a Bowl, however is DELICIOUS and easy to make and so satisfying. I really love all the different colors and textures and tastes. I highly recommend it.

Lessons Learned:
1) I think some things were not meant to be gluten free + vegan. Things such as macaroni and cheese. I may be wrong. There is one more recipe I would like to take to prove something to myself . It looks delicious at least, oui?
2) With over one week of the cleanse under our belts Adam and I have both noted an increase in energy - especially in the morning (which is something, given that neither of us have had any caffeine!). I got up at 6:30 yesterday to finish a book I have been reading and make breakfast and lunch and Adam , who loves him some sleeping in, got up early enough that we went to a 10:20AM showing of The Incredible Hulk. I love feeling like I have more hours in the day!


EFG said...

If you're looking for good vegan recipes, Fat Free Vegan Kitchen has some great ones (even one for mac & cheese!): Hope that helps!


Ladybug's Picnic said...

The supper in a bowl sounds amazing! Question - do you cook the beets? Or do you just do all the veggies raw?

Also I bet topping it with some Braggs Liquid Aminos would make it even more super tasty. I put that stuff on EVERYTHING.

K said...

Oh well... perhaps Mac & Cheese should be the one cheesey indulgence in my diet? Something are meant to be enjoyed as they are :)

Sarah said...

EFG - Thanks!

E - I am not on the cooked beet bandwagon yet. So I just grate them raw into salad. I have a bunch leftover though so if you know of some good cooked beet recipe I should try let me know!

K - I am beginning to think so!