Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day Nine

Breakfast: Gluten Free Waffles and Fruit
Snack: Cashews
Lunch: Vegan Gluten Free Burger on Gluten Free Bread
Dinner: Mexican Casserole (black beans, corn, diced tomatoes + chiles + red peppers mixed with salsa and served over brown rice with homemade tortilla chips. YUM)
Dessert: Red Grapes

We are almost halfway through the 21 day cleanse and things are definitely easier this week. Once you get in the groove of what you can and cannot have and stock up on food it's easy to just go in your cabinet/fridge and grab something rather than have to stand in front of the fridge and think "Now what can I eat?".

Lessons Learned: To make homemade tortilla chips. Just buy a package of corn tortillas, cut each round in to 4 wedges and bake at 350 degrees for 5-7 minute (start checking them at 5 minutes since once they are done they will burn very fast). Remove, toss with fat free cooking spray and sea salt and enjoy.

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