Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day Four

Breakfast: Tofu Scramble
Snack: Wasabi Almonds
Lunch: Leftover No Roll Enchilada
Snack: Gluten Free Pretzels
Dinner: Vegetable Polenta Pie

Day 4 was rife with discoveries. For one thing, I actually like tofu. And stir fried thinly sliced mushrooms aren't half bad either. I fell asleep the night before way earlier than usual (In heat such as this, what is there to do but to sleep), and as such woke up before 6AM and had plenty of time to make the tofu scramble for breakfast. It doesn't take much time at all if you chop up all your ingredients the night before.

My experience with tofu thus far was limited to a shitty salad bar experience as an adolescent which feature cubed uncooked tofu as an option and I thought it was feta cheese. BLECH. But it really does take the flavor of whatever you cook with it so I found a few more tofu recipes to try out in the coming weeks and I am very much looking forward to them.

My fourth non-caffeinated day was the easiest yet. I did not have the apres-lunch super-tiredness that I had experienced the other days and in fact felt like I had more energy than usual!

The Vegetable Polenta Pie, I have to admit with some chagrin, was just okay. I had never had polenta before and found it to be kind of soggy. And the vegan cheese I used, as I mentioned on Twitter, was an abomination!!! Not at all cheese tasting at all and instead of melting it solidified into a plastic-like material. The actual pie tasted good but had a few weird textures going on throughout. I still ate it. And I brought the leftovers for lunch because with the effort that went into it I am not wasting it. But I probably wouldn't make it again. Not without a Polenta tutorial and maybe when I am done with the cleanse some goat cheese on top.

MMMMMMM Goat cheese. A tear just came to my eye.

Lessons Learned::
1) Gluten Free Pretzels don't taste like pretzels but are still Delicious (especially Sesame flavored ones)
2)Yogi "Detox" tea is delicious and naturally sweet. Definitely satisfies a sweet tooth and if you drink it cold it's refreshing too!


Ladybug's Picnic said...

Mmm! Yogi Tea is yummy. My favorite is the Sweet Thai Delight. Can you sweeten with agave nectar?

Sarah said...

I can have that, and that's actually a good call. I have noticed agave nectar popping up in a few recipes. I'm going food shopping tonight and will add it to my list! thanks!

K said...

I want to try adding agave nectar to things like oatmeal instead of brown sugar but I need to find it.

And for the record, as someone who has tried to eat soy cheese many times as I'm lactose intolerant and love cheese (cruel world), take it from me, soy cheese is just awful. It's just bad bad bad. different forms, melted, just bad.

soy ice cream is good though :)

Jenny said...

I recently learned all about Polenta and that Trader Joe's sells great Polenta (in a cookie dough-looking package). Apparently it's good to sort of "fry up," bake or microwave.

As for vegan cheese... yeah, it doesn't cook great. My former roomate was Lactose Intolerant and tried all different kinds. She had to eat it FAST before it solidified.

Not sure what you can eat on the cleanse, but cheddar cheese is naturally lactose free (good for all those lactose intolerants!)

Sarah said...

That is the kind of polenta I bought! I think it was gross because it got soggy underneath all the vegetables. I'm sure fried up it would be lovely!

The cleanse is vegan so all cheese is out BUT that is an interesting fact about cheddar!

Traci Anne said...

Soy ice cream (specifically Purely Decadent) is AWESOME, but I haven't find a good vegan cheese. Supposedly Teese is amazing though. Also, fried tofu (and for that matter, buffalo-fried seitan) is like the best thing ever. And now y'all know why I didn't lose any weight while I was a vegan!

Sarah said...

Haha it's funny you say that. Some people keep calling the cleanse a "diet" and I am like "a diet" implies that I would be losing weight. You would be surprised how many calories can be in certain vegan gluten free sugar free dishes!